What is YouGoggle?

Virtual reality technology is now teaming up with the adult entertainment industry to bring a whole new type of fantasy experience to people. YouGoggle is bringing the most immersive virtual reality porn experiences to its users.

Headsets such as the Oculus Rift, HTC Vive, Google Cardboard, and Samsung VR paired with YouGoggle make it possible to step into the adult entertainment videos that you like to watch and experience them in a whole new way. Users can watch their favorite videos in virtual reality straight from their smartphones or even computer using YouGoggle’s software with their virtual reality headset. Watching Virtual Reality Porn

You may be wondering how virtual reality porn even works. This paragraph aims to answer that question. The way that virtual reality porn works is by showing both of your eyes separate videos in order to make your mind think you are viewing the whole thing in three dimensional depth.

This new technology will allow for people to bring their fantasies to life without any of the normal risks that come with casual encounters. One of the best aspects of this new technology is that it can be surprisingly affordable.

A Google Cardboard headset runs at about $5 and is a great starter headset for those just now getting in to the virtual reality world. If you decide that you are interested in and enjoy virtual reality then you can always spend a larger sum of money on a better headset.

When using YouGoggle, viewers can look around within the scene because head tracking is supported. Users feel as though they have genuinely stepped in to another world.

VR Headset Required

The only hardware required is a virtual reality headset. Headsets can cost anywhere from just $5 to a lump sum of $100 or more. As far as software goes, YouGoggle’s current virtual reality software can run in a web browser without anything needing to be downloaded or installed. In order to watch full videos you can join our sponsor’s programs or you can find content directly through YouGoggle.


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